Vladimir Milanović, ‘Appropriation as a method of artistic expression: Digital Collages’

Old Flame



‘Appropriation’ puts existing images into new contexts. It deliberately draws attention to original sources, and once you recognise the bits that you know you start to think more about the ways they are being transformed. The digital prints on show here by Vladimir Milanović (a final year PhD student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade) offer particularly beautiful examples. The prints are technically superb, seamlessly integrating a range of visual sources (the digital, computer generated part) yet at the same time presenting themselves as works of art in their own right – as prints with painterly effects and inky splurges, as images that have been thought through and pressed out, but onto high quality, super absorbent paper which has been cut rough to leave frayed edges. The level of detail reminds us that the creative process is long; the end result how appropriation is essentially about humour and irony in art. Old paintings live on, Raphael’s School of Athens, but reframed by the iconography of the recent Athens riots. Sometimes, rather than working with single iconic images, the digital collage is used to yoke together fragments from a range of thematically related materials relating to war. Thus in Time Warrior Ares meets Spartacus; Napoleon meets Apocalyse Now, and Ben Hur rushes past Goya’s Third of May. Average size 1,20 x 80cm; average price 300 euros for more info see vladam23@yahoo.com. Seen at the Fine Arts Gallery, Knez Mihailova, 53 Belgrade http://www.flu.bg.ac.rs


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