Jože Ciuha, ‘Mosaics – Paintings – Plexiglass’


Homage to Picasso, 1985/6; acrylic on plexiglass, 152 x 152cm


Elegy, 2003; acrylic on canvas, 200 x 350


Scribes, 2006, acrylic on plexiglass, 100 x 100cm


An important and absolutely stunning retrospective to mark the 90th birthday of the internationally acclaimed Slovenian artist Jože Ciuha. The selection starts with shimmering plexiglass paintings, continues with the satirical works, where hyper-realist human or animal faces look out from colour-field paintings. Then come the textured and painterly canvases that teeter back and forth between abstraction and representation. The final part is devoted to the fresco-style mosaics on mythical and religious themes. This is also a journey through 50 years of different national histories and with an artist who was born in 1924, trained in Ljubljana, joined the Yugoslav partisans, travelled extensively in the Far East, then in South America; who taught in Italy, Germany and the US, who has received many different awards and who has participated in 300 group shows and 400 solo ones. He now divides his time between Paris and Ljubljana. At the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts & Gallery RIMA, Knez Mihailova, 35, 11000, Belgrade. Mon-Fri 10-10pm. Thursdays 11-4pm












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