Siniša Žikić






Cyrillic letters have been transposed into musical instruments, some of them pure whimsical inventions. The ‘text’ is painted in encaustic (a mixture of wax and pigment that dries quickly like fresco) and often onto large canvases. The work is then displayed on white walls but with no label, no title, no date. In their textured stone like-form they look like architectural fragments, although at the same time like printed sheets of pictogram writing. Both solid yet light, permanent yet written. Tradition, reinvention. Seen from a distance, this intricate imaginative work resembles one of the Far East languages we may know. The brief exhibition was organised by the Association of Serbian Artists and Sculptors. They own the gallery and organise exhibitions for their members. Knez Mihaijlova, 37, 11000 Belgrade,


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