Month: June 2014

Ivan Gračner and Danijela Gračner: Open Doors



Two sculptors, man and wife, of Belgrade, sharing space and working large, in wood, metal and sand. There is a symbiotic quality to their art. Textures are connected and opposed, maybe the forms too. Surfaces work through binaries: smooth to rough, polish to matt, black to silver. His best known works, of which there are eleven in public spaces, are sleek wooden columns with metal tips, that stretch upwards, bend and interlock. Her’s are low-relief panels, expanding sideways in sombre churned up surfaces that give an age old, prehistoric look. Other works are fashioned from scratch or found and used, but raised up from their humble origins (such as the underside of a car), polished, soldered or somehow connected they seem confusingly new, or new-old. Organised by Anne Brisset and Elise Serck. Prices start at 300 euros and move to the 1000s. For more info or