Ivan Meštrović Part 2 : Zagreb

The Meštrović Atelier is one of several museums devoted to the artist’s work in the region. This one is located in Zagreb, just behind the old square and it was developed around the house and studio where he lived and worked for twenty years (1920-42). The buildings, along with 147 sculptures, were donated by the artist to the People’s Republic of Croatia in 1952, two years before he took American citizenship. It was opened to the public in 1969, and still has a house-like feel. They have preserved the original appearance – kept the furniture and the frescoes – but turned the studio into a prize-winning gallery and added a marble atrium to the front. On display: 123 works spanning the first four decades during which Meštrović rose to fame and then settled in Zagreb, until he was arrested and left. It is a museum where you will find sculpture in the most traditional sense: materials of marble, wood and bronze; subjects like the female form and themes – whether national, religious, or mystical – given physical forms that are not just rooted in the past or somewhere, at least, between the power of antiquity and his renaissance and modern masters (Michelangelo and Rodin) but in highly personal identities, of his mother for example (History of the Croats) or of his wife Olga. For more information see Ivan Meštrović Foundation: http://www.mdc.hr/mestrovic/home/home-eng.htm

mother and child

Mother and Child, 1942; wood, unfinished

female torso

Female Torso with Arms, 1928; marble

woman in pain

Woman in Pain, 1928, bronze

woman wearing rural costume

Woman Wearing the Rural Costume of Posavina, c.1930, bronze


Madonna with Jesus, 1917, bronze

first floor

First Floor Gallery with Warrior, 1911, and Young Man Thinking, London, 1915


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