Bianca Tschaikner, Strich im Universum (Line in the Universe)

A small but exquisitely selected group of prints currently on display at the Austrian Cultural Centre by Bianca Tschaikner, an internationally recognised artist and graphic designer whose travels have taken her to Chile, Italy, Spain and Morocco. The images recount these peregrinations in small formats and via woodcuts, etchings, linocuts and lithographs that share deceptively simple but immensely appealing and playful figurations of her personal itineraries or classical myths. The prints are for sale and prices vary between 2000 and 25000 RSD. Everyday 9-5pm until 18th October 2014, Austrijksi kulturni forum, Kneza Sime Markovica 2, Beograd

bianca:human fish

The Human Fish, 42 x 52cm, screen print, 10000 RSD

bianca:human fly

The Human Fly, 35 x 41cm; screen print; 10000 RSD

photo 3:bianca

Aquarius; Ariadne with Canis Moairis and flying fishes; Menade Solitaria; La Despedida; each 24.7 x 36.5cm; lino cut; each 8000 RSD


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