55th October Salon, Disappearing Things, Belgrade City Museum

The annual show of contemporary art this year curated by two Austrians around the theme of disappearing things which for many artists means nature or memory. It takes place in the stunning spaces of an empty building, just behind the old bombed out army headquarters that is still standing in all its shocking, crumbling majesty. On display is a mixture of video, photography, painting and installation by artists working across the world, although the many slavic sounding names suggest that they represent something of an artistic diaspora. The videos are the most successful in exploring a whole range of disappearing themes: like loss, or happiness or forgetting or remembering, or story telling. There are fuzzy Richter like paintings by an Albanian artist, narrated stories separated from their visual halves so that we have to remember what we heard and relate it back to what we see. Maybe most absorbing of all among the exhibits dealing with the past is the vast wall of seeing something that clearly has disappeared – the crowds who gathered to listen to Milosevic: the camera moves slowly as the words flicker silently on the screen, the speaker is absent, the listeners are present Four long minutes that offer a good demonstration of art’s ability to deal with difficult and otherwise invisible themes.Belgrade City Museum, Reavska Street 40b, Belgrade Until 2nd November 2014

Meggy Rustamova, Invitation au voyage, 2014

Meggy Rustamova, L’Invitation au voyage, 2014


Leonard Qylafi, Imaginary 1-5, 2014


Doplgenger, Fragments Untitled, 2, 2014

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