Predrag Popara, ‘Transformations’, Bucharest

Predrag Popara is a Bosnian-born, Belgrade-trained painter who is a founding member of Funnel, a platform for generating trans-national connections between geographically dispersed contemporary artists. His works are large & impressive, dense or fluid, abstract & monochrome. Other Funnel members include Roberto Coda Zabetta who works between Milan & London; Giancarlo Ceraudo in Buenos Aires; Kenneth Blom in Denmark; Bogdan Vladuta in Bucharest, Alessio Maximiliam Schroder in Vienna, Vuk Vuckovic in Belgrade and Mate Djordjevic in Paris. All eight live and work mostly in European centres but each artist exhibits to and is collected by a broader international circuit of public and private patrons. Occasionally they organise joint exhibitions. The current one ‘Transformations’ recently left Serbia for Romania. The works explore the ways in which mass-media exploits and normalizes violence and aggression, how it stimulates creation, institutes a desire for the positive – progress but also for the negative – self-destruction. The exhibit opens today in two locations in Bucharest: at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Alexandru 41 and Funnel Contemporary Artspace, Calea Victoriei 87-89. Until 9th January 2015. See popara photo predrag 1 predrag 4 photo predrag 3 predrag 5


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