Jon Langford, Nashville Radio, Belgrade

An exhibition connecting Serbia to the American south via the art of Jon Langford. These are prints made from photos and words that feed on country music associations mixed with flat colours and decorative borders. They are mounted on plywood and varnished and stressed to give the image a well-worn look that effectively captures the folksy mood. Langford lives in Chicago but was born in the UK and the roots of this art reach back to the 1960s, and his interests in radical politics, counter-cultures and punk music. He was a founding member of The Mekons and with them was associated with the department of Fine Art at Leeds University. Politics and punk combine with another long-standing interest – popular american vernaculars – country and western music and their melancolic thematizations of the ordinary lives of men and women. This all comes together in the prints. His art dealers are located in Austin, Texas and every year they organise an exhibition to coincide with the South by South West Festival. His latest album (Here be Monsters) was released in 2014 and each song is matched to a painting, available as a postcard or as a set of prints. This exhibition was brought to Belgrade by the Sales Art Gallery. It was curated by Sanja Todosijević. See


Inside the Whale, hand-finished print on plywood, 27.5 x 28.5, 2010


Bob Dylan, New Morning, hand-finished print on plywood, 30 x 30, 2013

J.Langford-Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer, hand-finished print on plywood, 33 x 27cm, 2007


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