Blatobran Ceramic Artists (iii): Ana Jakić Jevtović, Julija Draškoci, Minja Djurdjević, Marija Milin & Tatjana Paradjanin


Julija Draškoci graduated in 2009 from the department of ceramics at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. She has been working since 2010 as a freelance artist, taking part in different group exhibitions.  “Clay, paper and different drawing/painting materials and tools are my physical instruments for work. I chose ceramics because it offers the possibility of locating a fine balance between order and chaos.  I am interested in the process of ceramics, how you get to a point where you think you have got it and then you discover that there is something more behind, the process is spiral or wave like.”


Minja Djurdjević was born in Belgrade Serbia in 1984 and graduated in 2009 from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Ceramics, in the class of professor Velimir Vukicevic. She lives and works in Belgrade and has exhibited in numerous group shows and solo exhibitions. “The materials through which my art expresses itself are natural (clay, wire, glass). My inspiration comes from my imaginary world and this produces rich colour and magical forms. Mostly I produce small formats. I love it when the drawing is rich and following form. Inspiration is all around me I find it in nature, people, animals and the mostly love.”


Marija Milin was born in 1978 in Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts, department for ceramics in Belgrade in 2002. “The technique which I use is stoneware: ceramics burned in the high temperatures and then decorated with metal oxides and glazes.I build forms by hand; frequently I use a ceramic wheel, and different types of clay. This allows me to create forms inspired by nature, sometimes usable or transposed from vessel to sculpture.”


Tatjana Paradjanin

Tanja is one of Blatobran’s founders; she studied Landscape Architecture and Interior Design and started working with clay 10 years ago; she loves design and socially responsible design ( Her activities are related to environmental protection and innovation.

My thanks to Jovana for collecting the artist statements. For more information on these artists contact

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